Lawrence Seward
November 19 - December 23, 1998
516 West 20th Street

The Andrew Kreps Gallery is pleased to present the new work of Lawrence Seward. For this show Seward focuses on his "everyman" character. The figures are sculpted out of plaster, painted a uniform blue and white, and then arranged in various abstract and narrative scenarios; bringing the underlying current of tragedy and perversion out of the mundane nature of sameness.

The principal work in the show is a reference to the central panels of Rodin's "Gates of Hell". Seward creates a set of oversized doors which act as the frame for the passage into hell. Like in Rodinís masterpiece the figures are crowded into the gate desperately trying to fight off their inevitable destiny. Seward reinterprets this mythological tale with a cartoon lightness that points not only to the silliness of our belief systems but to the odd truth that emerges from exaggerated metaphors.

The other works in the show consist of the same character in various freestanding forms. They wrestle with each other, pull their own arms off, co-mingle with an unnamed plastic goo or just simply make their way through as deformed or dismembered versions of the model. Seward has taken a standard and made it absurd, as though it were a perfect plan that took a wrong turn somewhere and is spiraling, in a tragicomic fashion, out of control.

The exhibition will be on view from November 19 thru December 23, 1998. A reception will be held for the artist in the gallery on November 19th from 6-8 PM at 529 West 20th St., New York. For information call 212-741-8849.