Jonah Freeman
September 6 - September 30, 2000
516 West 20th Street

In his third solo show Jonah Freeman takes a gated community as a platform to examine a variety of ideas and emotions surrounding contemporary architectural systems.

The works in the show focus on such topics as architecture and theatrical experience, where every part of living, (air, light, sound, food etc.) is tailored to the desires of the inhabitants, the voyeuristic/ exhibitionistic relationships that exist within such a community and the play between the psychic states of fear and safety.

Instead of using a documentary style to define this environment, Freeman employs the luscious cinematic techniques of fantasy, such as theatrical lighting, staged dramatic situations and a constant stream of popular music.

The details of the work are focused on everyday elements. A woman washing dishes or a man passed out on a bed are some of the aspects depicted in the series of photographs. Also in the gallery is an installation of changing light in a corner as well as a two-way mirror glass room with a ceiling of yellow florescent light. Both works point toward the abstract and emotional experiences of architecture. A video composed of tracking shots 
and close-ups with an altered pop music soundtrack gives a sense of suspense and nostalgia to what is otherwise empty environs. Each banal and plotless detail is given the coating of spectacular presentation.