Cary Lebowitz
Gain! Wait! Now!
November 13 - December 22, 2001
516 West 20th Street

"are the paintings about being smart or being dumb....does lack of ideas merit a one person show?...can contentment kill self hatred? can the thought of not being accepted by the art community really not bother me?...whew!!....i'm 38 years old and now i know i might be in it for the long haul...i'm not going to beat myself -i'm just trying to not worry about my waist size...having a show every six or seven years is still a lot of pressure!"

Gain! Wait! Now! is Cary Leibowitz's ninth solo show in New York City. The show consists of a series of paintings - each a visual pun: Painting Without a Heart, 2001 has a heart shape cut out of the center, Painting With A Way Out, 2001 offers a door knob, Painting Without a Soul, 2001 has its center cut out. Another series of paintings use text to address each other and the audience: a slim painting taunts a fat painting; a painting implores others to stop copying it. The paintings are on wood, painted like old-fashioned signs in classic Leibowitz candy colors and hung from their top edges on exaggerated nails. The effect is all American cartoon.

In the center of the gallery is a mountain of garbage cans/umbrella stands, each printed with an image of Cary on the occasion of his Bar Mitzvah, circa 1976. "The cans with the picture of fatso also has the text GAIN WAIT NOW which is very much in keeping with my long standing history of wanting /needing/hoping/praying for things to improve in my own impatient way...." Cary explains. The garbage cans are $50 and the umbrella stands are $52, for anyone interested in purchasing one.

Leibowitz emerged in the early 1990s under the alias CandyAss, notorious for his sad sack, self-deprecating sense of humor as well as his penchant for multiples. Though Cary does not use the alias in Gain! Wait! Now! "Cary Leibowitz is not CandyAss anymore...or any less." 

Gain! Wait! Now! will be on view from November 13 - December 22, 2001. A reception will be held for the artist in the gallery on November 17 6-8 pm at 516 West 20th St., New York City. For information call 212-741-8849.