Juan Cespedes
February 16 - March 16, 2002
516 West 20th Street

Andrew Kreps Gallery is pleased to present Aberrations, the US premier of artist Juan Cespedes. Cespedes lives and works in Santiago, Chile.

Cespedes creates Lo-fi versions of the Hi-fi. His work reflects on the technological through decidedly crude techniques and basic materials. In Aberrations, an upside-down umbrella substitutes for a satellite dish and fresnel lenses and prisms are made from homemade resin casts. To create the shape of the prisms, or Bee's Eyes, Cespedes used the plastic lids of bubble gum packages found in Santiago. Many of the subjects of the Fresnels refer to contemporary technology: CNN images of bombs dropping on tanks, alarm clocks changing time.

Cespedes work focuses on different manifestations of the moving image. Fresnels and Bee's Eyes work as millisecond animations; the images change as the viewer changes viewing positions. One version of the Bee's Eyes rotates on a turntable causing the prisms to reveal continuous optical animations. Cespedes has also created crude digital animations for the exhibition. Some of these animations are displayed as framed moving pictures on a table, others can be viewed in a makeshift projection room set up in the gallery.

The title of the show, Aberrations, refers to the distortions and diffractions of light and image made by the roughly made fresnel lenses. To Cespedes, the word 'aberrations' sounds like a monster or a mutant to our ears, because it refers to something or someone set apart from normality. Through CÈspedes the uniformity of technology is subverted, the perfection is made irregular, and as a result, technology becomes more accessible.

Aberrations will be on view from February 16 - March 16, 2002. A reception will be held for the artist in the gallery on February 16, 6-8 pm at 516 West 20th St., New York City. For information call 212-741-8849.