Juan Céspedes
Intuitive Imagery
January 7 - January 31, 2004
516 West 20th Street
Andrew Kreps Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Intuitive Imagery, an exhibition by Juan Cespedes, an artist based in Santiago, Chile. This is the artist's second solo exhibition with the gallery.

Intuitive Imagery includes sculptural objects rendered in papier-mache - a moose head, a fire extinguisher and various lumps of soil sprouting dewy grass. Though immediately recognizable, the sculpted forms don't attempt to masquerade as 'real' things. Outsized scale and the materiality of their surfaces function as interruptions. Alongside these are a group of Nude Studies - a group of spare, abstract paintings with figural references. Cespedes will also exhibit a self-portrait 'fresnel painting.' Like an analog-style laser holograph, the complex undulations of this painting's surface reveal not one, but three images of the artist, each visible from a different point in the gallery. And two 'pixel drawings' by the artist are included. A large 9 foot square work, Pixel Drawing I is made up of thousands of tiny pieces of colored paper taped together in an abstract field. When seen through a distortion-correcting lens, a buried image is revealed.

As Intuitive Imagery suggests, the works in this exhibition function as representations of actual objects - something like three-dimensional pictures - as well as like objects themselves. They are the stand-ins and perceptual exercises through which Cespedes recognizes images in his head, constructing them in the world.