Peter Coffin
It Chooses You
September 9 - October 16, 2004
516 West 20th Street

"The world is full of objects, more or less interesting. I do not wish to add anymore."
-Douglas Huebler

Andrew Kreps Gallery is pleased to present Peter Coffin's It Chooses You, the artist's second solo exhibition at the gallery. The show is a conceptual installation of photographs and sculpture.

While Coffin's previous work invoked new age theory and pseudo science to question the way we view reality, It Chooses You pursues ideas endemic to the mental and psychological landscape. The show is in part a study of modernism, taking it from exclusivity and elitism, and rendering it playful and informal. Through abstractions of invisible thought processes and reinterpretations of iconic artworks, the artist invites a dialogue which considers the interplay of interpretation, memory and association.

It Chooses You also deals with the anatomy of an idea, illustrating that thoughts and ideas are parallel worlds unto themselves. A neon light sculpture follows the movement of an idea from the moment a synapse connects to its articulation. A painted bronze sculpture interweaves Brancusi's endless column with the children's fable of Jack and the Beanstalk. Photographs of open books, their images captured and taken out of context, ask us to imagine a context for them. The open books are often photographed together, encouraging us to create our own associations of disparate images without being led to a conclusion by the artist.

These media, considered both individually and interactively within the installation, are a catalyst for unstructured creative interpretation and a meditation on the language of ideas.