Lawrence Seward
Inside Out
December 9, 2003 - January 22, 2004
516 West 20th Street
Andrew Kreps Gallery is pleased to present Lawrence Seward's Inside Out, the artist's fourth solo exhibition at the gallery.  Inside Out continues his investigation of perceptions of nature, while building on his humorous approach to the human condition.

For 2001's Off Island, Seward used snapshots of tropical environments in his work to explore ideals of nature, obscuring and abstracting various elements of the works to bring them new meaning. For Inside Out, Seward has created seven oil paintings on canvas, each one depicting a different semi-obstructed view of the Pacific Ocean. Though the works appear to be observed landscapes, they are actually psychologically constructed locales that the artist has translated into paintings.

In these works, the ocean appears as if the viewer is seeing it from underneath a strange seaside highway, the picturesque view cropped by the cement structures that support it. The relationship between interior and exterior, light and dark, is central to these works. The viewer shares this slightly darkened zone with an assortment of odd objects and structures: a spare light bulb hangs from its cord, or an old plank of wood balances across a rift between the cement and the rocky shore. 

In 1998, Seward created a series of sculptures of an 'everyman' figure getting stuck in a variety of uncomfortable, often surreally hazardous situations.  For Inside Out, as an extension of his previous sculptural investigations into the trials and tribulations of the human body, the artist has created seven rattan sculptures, each one resembling a different type of elderly walker, which has been altered or accessorized.